Like overanalyzingtelevision, I wrote a thing to Fox

    I’ll preface this by saying that Fox is my favorite network at the moment. While other networks have neglected to pick up nearly as many shows as this network has this year, Fox is getting more and more really good shows with a lot of variety. So I commend you.
    I am sure you’re going to get a few letters like this. Fans of The Mindy Project are trying to find a way to show Fox that there really are many people who do care about it. Fox seems to be trying to keep it, not deciding to cancel it quite yet despite the low views and ratings, so thanks for giving it that chance and letting it have a second season. I know that according to things like IMDB and Nielsen, not a lot of people watch it. But I hope Fox understands that IMDB and Nielsen are not necessarily reliable sources for this kind of thing. I know that a number of people in other countries watch it, and their views are never counted. IMDB is always really critical and it isn’t the place that fandoms talk about their shows. CW’s Supernatural gets about as many views according to Nielsen, but have you seen the huge online community for it? That’s true for a lot of shows. Tumblr is where many people talk about it, and if you look in The Mindy Project tag on that site, people have almost all positive things to say about it.
    Unfortunately, it’s often compared to a lot of shows that are not this show. Plenty of people compare aspects of it to New Girl, but it’s not New Girl, or any other show. Clearly The Mindy Project has its issues, but they’re not issues that are beyond fixing at all. For one, the expensiveness of the show could go down easily enough by not having as many guest stars and focusing more on the main and recurring ones. I know that everyone invested in the show would not only be okay with that, but encourage it, because the great thing about The Mindy Project is that people really care about the characters. Almost everyone who’s invested in it love Mindy and Danny’s relationship, because—without getting into it too much—they make each other better, and it’s the slow burn type of building love that everyone likes. I know Mindy Kaling said once that Danny and Mindy aren’t like Jim and Pam from The Office, but they honestly kind of are. And that’s what makes this show matter. The relationship between those two characters is  the main part of the show, and is thankfully sweet and believable. All major and recurring characters are unique and bring something different from one another, also like The Office. I’ve seen my fair share of complaints that the characters are obnoxiously flawed, but flaws in characters are important. It makes them real. Plus it’s one of the only shows that makes me genuinely laugh more than once almost every episode.
    At any rate, thanks for allowing it to finish its second season. If it doesn’t get renewed, I understand, due to the ratings. I know that Fox has to do what’s best for the network. But I hope that Fox is aware of the great show they have. No show (excluding Breaking Bad, let’s be honest) is flawless, and with every flaw The Mindy Project has, it has more than enough well written lines and characters to make up for it.

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