I present to you: Jensen reaction pictures. they barely need captions i mean really. this man.

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i’d like to thank the 5 followers of mine who acknowledge my existence


I feel like I should apologise now for the mess this blog is going to become this week with comic con and nerd hq


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*sees spoiler warning for a thing i like* oh no *reads it anyway* shit i’ve been spoiled

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you know what would go GREAT with that dress? a sword and iron gauntlets

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“Jeremy Carver revealed to E! News that Supernatural’s 200th episode will be something of a “musical-ish” episode, which the longrunning series has never done. Feel free to take a moment to bask in the sheer awesomeness of this idea.
“I think it’ll be one of the more amusing and engaging episodes we’ve done in a while. I think we can safely call this a meta episode,” Carver previewed of the milestone outing, which will be the fifth episode of the new season. “We’re going pretty meta. I would just describe it as something of a love letter to our fans and there will be songs.””

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actual tears of joy


“Ah, yes, my psychiatrist, Hax Murderer. He has been helping me profile this ax murderer.”

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im so angry the next generations will probably have virtual reality and alien contact and we have republicans and windows 8